Cereals is Europe’s leading technical event for arable industry, held in the UK it attracts farmers, agronomists, and industry experts. The UK has one of the highest crop yields in the world, although it’d be great to have more sun, the arable industry is dependent upon a cooler climate. Glas Data’s ecosystem provides key insights on variants within crop yields, which could increase the UK’s arable output.

UK’s Arable Output
The 2018 estimate for total output of cereals is a fall of 5.8% advances in agri-tech such as Glas Data’s innovative ecosystem provide key insights for farmers. Cereals specialises in arable industry technology, with 18,000 visitors each year the event provides exposure for new technology. Using the Glas Data ecosystem will give farmers and suppliers knowledge on what variants increase crop yields.

Industry Advances and Key Insights
To support the UK’s arable industry, Cereals hold a myriad of demonstrations, exhibitions and seminars. The event discusses advances in technology and Glas Data are commended by Agrimetrics—one of the speakers, the recognition gives the brand more gravity within the industry. Glas Data’s ecosystem aggregates data, it’s an innovative service increasing yields by filling the gap between raw data and key insights. To support the UK’s arable industry Glas Data helps farmers with precision farming. Key insights to crop yields in relation to weather, soil moisture and temperatures are valuable for the output of the arable industry.

Unique Insights
Cereals event provides a unique experience. The NIAB Soil Pit, designed to show farmers what goes on below ground level, gives a ‘worm’s eye view.’ The Glas Data ecosystem is a unique platform that aggregates farmers’ data, so they can view and compare the differences variants have on crop yields. Hosting the event in the UK gives unique insights, the climate suits high crop yields, so it’s a good location for Europe’s leading arable technology event. Unique and detailed insights are key to the UK’s arable industry, it gives farmers and suppliers more knowledge on ways to increase their crop yield.

Maritime Climate and Crops
To support the UK’s arable industry, Glas Data provides a data aggregation service, that allows farmers to increase their yield. Cereals event aims to show the best of the arable industry, this includes solutions on a level of global knowledge and expertise. They provide unique insights about an industry that’s dependent on its environmental factors. Crops are influential on the weather, the UK’s maritime climate encourages crop production, as oceanic air patterns lessen temperature fluctuations. Glas Data’s ecosystem provides weather insights through historical data and potentially 2 week forecasts.

In order to support the UK’s arable industry and increase yields, climate change’s impacts need to be considered. Cereals is a key event hosting advances in the arable industry, which could provide solutions to the UK’s changing environment. Glas Data creates insights that are valuable and necessary for the arable industry’s future.