Glas Data, the agri-data brand, have been counting down the days until the Royal Cornwall Show. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about agriculture and technology advancements such as Glas Data’s ecosystem, whilst eating a Cornish pasty with a pint of cider in hand. The RCS, founded in 1793, is one of the oldest agricultural shows in the country, attracting farmers, businesses, and spectators, it’s worth marking on the calendar. Glas Data have generously been offered a space on the Rural Business School’s stand by Agri-Tech Cornwall, stand 388. The innovative dashboard is designed to benefit the food supply chain; it offers advanced data automation to farmers. Saving time, whilst increasing profits, yields and efficiency, is a matter that concerns farmers and the growing population.

Uniting Farmers, Businesses and the Public
The Royal Cornwall Show isn’t just an exciting day out for families, and the organisers are focused on agricultural advancements. It’s a key annual event for Glas Data, as it provides a platform to promote the brand, to an ever-growing audience of over 100,000. Introducing visitors to agriculture allows the public to learn where produce comes from and how the sector could be improved. Glas Data’s vision is to optimise farmers’ businesses and efficiently improve the food supply chain. It’s a key annual event to attend as an agricultural data company, and Glas Data is eager to attend again this year.

The Fourth Agricultural Revolution
Currently, the agricultural industry is in the fourth digital revolution. In support of the revolution, the event has championed Agri-Tech Technology on Thursday afternoon. Glas Data’s ecosystem supports farmers as agriculture’s rapidly accelerating pace continues to create more demand for precision farming. They’ll be demonstrating how the automated data ecosystem increases productivity and minimises inefficiencies. It gives clear data viewing and allows users to navigate easily so that they can make more informed on-farm decisions. Glas Data include farmers and consumers in their vision, supporting farmers improves productivity and supplies the food chain more efficiently.

Educating Younger Generations
The show aims to bring the public closer to agriculture, and it makes the latest advancements in the sector more available. To maintain interest in agriculture, the RCS scatter information and exhibits across the grounds, to educate visitors. Exhibiting technologies such as Glas Data allows the public to learn of advancements in the sector and gives a broader understanding of the work that goes into supplying the food chain. Encouraging agricultural interest in children is fundamental to advancements in the sector, so brands such as Glas Data can continue to grow.

The increasing number of animals entered into the Royal Cornwall Show suggests that interest in agriculture could be growing. To support the growing global population, 70% more food needs to be produced than today. Glas Data’s automated ecosystem allows farmers to enter their data and make informed decisions faster. The ecosystem increases yields, profits and efficiency. Glas Data is looking to a more efficient future for agriculture.