Each year the UK’s 13,000 dairy farmers produce over 14 billion litres of milk, with almost seven billion litres of the nutritious product reaching homes, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. Britain’s dairy industry delivers products to its consumers quickly and safely.

Driving productivity 

But now, with an increasing population, demand for food and reducing resources, the industry requires an increase in sustainable food production. Dairy-Tech 2020, an event tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician aims to drive productivity through performance, innovation and technology.

Dairy-Tech showcases innovative technology that’s set to change the ways of the industry. In the Innovation, Science and Technology hall, where a whole host of startup companies present their revolutionary solutions to visitors. Agri-EPI Centre, an exhibitor in this hall will be exhibiting with two of its members, Glas Data and AgSenze. The agri-tech companies’ innovative products aim to increase efficiency and productivity in dairy farming.

Simple data management

Glas Data’s data management dashboard, GlasCore drives productivity with data automation, aggregation and decision support. With IoT technology, Glas Data brings simple data collection and management to farmers through real-time data. Farmers can mitigate issues faster, increase their productivity and save time. The company look to agriculture’s future by providing real-time data monitoring and management.

Great British dairy

The UK’s 13,000 dairy farmers devote their lives to producing high-quality produce quickly and safely, but that’s not their only role. They are considered to be some of the world’s most dedicated and professional in their industry, with their high standards for countryside custodianship and animal welfare —that’s around 70% of England’s land area and almost 1.9 million cows.

Supporting precision farming

IoT sensors and devices allow farmers to monitor key aspects of their business in real-time. Glas Data will demonstrate how IoT technology provides key insights into food production at Dairy-Tech. GlasCore has a tool that receives real-time data from IoT devices and sensors, IoT Device Connect.

Farmers can track their livestock with a wireless sensor called the Smart Rumen Bolus, which allows farmers to monitor the health and activity of their livestock. There is also a sensor that monitors ventilation in calf/cow sheds. Insights into critical aspects of farming businesses allow farmers to easily spot inefficiences and increase their productivity.

The rise of monitoring parts of agriculture with sensors is down to precision farming. Precision farming requires the ability to monitor production and manage the data that is collected; this has flooded the agri-tech market with an abundance of data sources. The data sources are often fragmented and difficult to manage, meaning a vast amount of data is not utilised.

GlasCore is designed to solve data fragmentation by providing simple data management in one place with one login. Valuable data insights drive productivity and streamline workflow, by giving farmers more time for the tasks critical to their business.