Each year the UK’s 13,000 dairy farmers produce over 14 billion litres of milk, with almost seven billion litres of the nutritious product reaching homes, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. So it’s fair to say that Britain’s dairy industry has the expertise to produce dairy products safely and quickly. But now, with an increasing population, demand for food and reducing resources, the industry requires an increase in sustainable food production. Dairy-Tech 2020, an event tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician aims to drive productivity through performance, innovation and technology.

Dairy-Tech showcases innovative technology that’s set to change the ways of the industry. In the Innovation, Science and Technology hall, a whole host of startup companies present their revolutionary solutions to visitors. Agri-EPI Centre, an exhibitor in this hall with two of their members, Glas Data and AgSenze are looking to expose their innovative products to the industry to increase efficiency and productivity in dairy farming.

Glas Data’s data management dashboard, GlasCore drives productivity with data automation, aggregation and decision support. With IoT partner, Ver Facil, Glas Data brings simple data collection and management to farmers through data automation for superior farm monitoring, by allowing farmers to mitigate issues faster, increase productivity and save time. The company look to agriculture’s future by providing one system to manage various data sources in real-time.

Agri-EPI Centre’s Head of Dairy Duncan Forbes will speak in the Innovation Hub on Wednesday morning with Glas Data and AgSenze. Dairy-Tech strives to present forward-thinking speakers to its visitors. Duncan Forbes will present how the adoption of technology within agriculture is vital to continue feeding the growing population with reducing resources.

The UK’s 13,000 dairy farmers devote their lives to producing good quality produce quickly and safely, but that’s not their only role. They’re considered some of the world’s most dedicated and professional in their industry, with their high standards for countryside custodianship and animal welfare —that’s around 70% of England’s land area and almost 1.9 million cows. To uphold this world-wide recognition farmers must increase their business’s productivity while upholding its sustainability.

Tracking soil health and carbon retention in pastureland could help farmers make their practice more productive and sustainable. Dairy-Tech is a unique environment where dairy professionals are exposed to the devices, tools and technology they need to increase their business’s productivity and sustainability. GlasCore is positioned to support this with their data automation tool IoT Device Connect and Mapping function.

The ability to drive business decisions with valuable data insights streamlines workflow by allowing farmers more time for the work that matters while driving productivity. Dairy-Tech aims to make the industry more informed, resilient, proactive and efficient by showcasing 53 of the latest innovations, GlasCore being one. Exposing innovative agri-tech to farmers allows them to see how their practice could be enhanced.

Adopting technology and data into common farming practice will revolutionise the industry —the practice is called precision farming. Although the industry requires this to increase production with less resources, the ability to utilise technology-driven data is restricted, because these data sources are fragmented and difficult to manage. Innovations at Dairy-Tech showcase solutions to such issues to save farmers time, so they can focus on the work that matters and drive their productivity.

Dairy-Tech is a unique event that exposes the entire dairy supply chain to innovative technology solutions to drive the industry’s productivity through performance, technology and innovation. To maintain the UK’s credible position within the global dairy industry farmers require valuable data insights for critical business decisions. Dairy-Tech informs to the new generation of farmers.