Most people come into contact with soil daily, it’s one of the building blocks of life. Groundswell event focuses on supporting the UK’s soil health, which has degraded over the past 60 years due to agriculture’s intensification. Glas Data are striving to provide solutions in agriculture, and attend events to maintain in connection with the sector.

Concerns for Soil Health
The intensification of agriculture has led to weaknesses in certain areas of the sector: Degrading soil health is a serious issue, one of the main causes is soil erosion and it currently costs farmers £9m a year in lost production. The support farmers need is provided by Glas Data’s ecosystem and can be found at Groundswell this year.

Soil is a key component of the agricultural sector and its health is a delicate balance. The maintenance of this balance can be solved by Glas Data’s ecosystem that visualises data, allowing farmers to compare data from any source. Wide usage of the ecosystem could increase yields and therefore profits within the sector, as it caters to the soil’s holistic system: physical, chemical, biological.

The Foundation of Agriculture
Groundswell understands that agriculture’s productivity depends on soil health, they focus on encouraging and broadening knowledge. The UK aims to sustainably manage and tackle degradation threats successfully in all of its soil by 2030 to support the agricultural industry for future generations. Widening knowledge on farmers’ core asset, the soil, allows for more informed decisions and that’s why platforming brands such as Glas Data is valuable to the industry.

Groundswell believes that ‘profitability is one of the key factors that make your operation resilient.’ In order for profitability to be increased productivity needs to be supported. Glas Data encourage productivity by saving farmers time, delicacies such as soil health can really benefit from this, so there’ll be more time for on-farm tasks, soil health can be submitted and tracked easily.

Keeping Farmers Informed
Agri-tech companies aspire to increase the productivity and yields of the sector. Glas Data achieves this by informing farmers with key insights, their automated ecosystem recognises patterns in farmers’ data. To support soil health Glas Data’s ecosystem recognises potential issues in the soil through crop yields and from data submitted by farmers. Soil has one of the most diverse habitats in the world, millions of species inhabit it, there’s more going on than what’s visually perceived.

45% of farmers don’t carry out soil structure surveys on their fields and only 32% do when compaction is an obvious issue. Groundswell aims to raise and maintain education on soil, they offer talks, seminars, and discussions from leading international soil experts, agri-tech innovations, experienced livestock and arable farmers, and agricultural policy experts. Educating farmers on soil health could encourage usage of agri-tech such as Glas Data, it’ll increase profitability and therefore profits.

The environment degrades as soil health depletes. In order to support soil health, its systems need to be viewed holistically. Glas Data provides a holistic view of farmers’ data. Greater knowledge of soil health is valuable to the industry, which is why events such as Groundswell are important. Soil is the foundation of the world, it needs extra care.