Welcome to Visualisations

in this series, you'll find out how to create and use visualisations.

S4: E2 | Using Visualisations

When you’ve created a Visualisation you’ll find it on your dashboard. Visualisations are fully customisable and interactive to your requirements.

Zoom Bar

If you click on the zoom bar below the chart you can view the chart closer up. The zoom bar goes right into snapshot view. 

Snapshot View

Snapshot view shows your assets’ productivity up close. You can turn snapshot view on and off in the top right corner of the screen. 

Asset List

The green arrow to the right of your Visualisation expands your asset list. You can view the productivity of your assets together or alone. To do this select the assets you’d like to see and then click UPDATE CHART. 

Review Data

You can review the data in your Visualisation by clicking on REVIEW DATA in the top left corner. Here you’ll find your data topics. 

If you’re having trouble using your Visualisations please visit our FAQ or Community pages. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find a solution —we’re always happy to help. You can submit a support ticket on our Support page.