Real-time Alerts

in this series you'll find out how to set-up real-time alerts, so you can monitor your business on the go.

How to Set-up a Real-time Alert

How to Set Up Real-time Alerts

What is a Real-time alert?

A real-time alert allows you to monitor your business on the go with text message and email notifications, keeping you informed of any issues within your workplace.

Step 1

Log into your GlasCore account. Once logged in and your dashboard has loaded, go to the left hand of the screen and click on the Real-time Alerts button.

Step 2

Now, let’s create an alert. Go to the column on the left and click create alert. A workspace and nodes panel should appear. To start, select either a topic or an asset that you’d like to monitor. Add by clicking, holding and then dragging onto the workspace.

Step 3

Next in the Source Node panel, you will need to enter an alert name. For example, if you are setting an alert for an asset which is one of your IoT sensors you could call it ‘Freezer temperature too high!’ You will need to also select the topic that the  sensor belongs to, the column with the data you’d like to monitor and the asset that you’d like to monitor. Once done, click create.

Step 4

So now you need to enter the temperature level you’d like to receive an alert for. For this example you will want to receive an alert for when the freezer is over a certain temperature. In this case you will want to select ‘If a value is greater than’ and drag it onto the workspace. Enter the value and duration that you’d like use for your alert. For example if the value is greater than -3 you’d like an alert and for this alert to notify you every hour or every 30 minutes. If you want constant alerts keep the box ticked, if you’d only like to be alerted once then untick the box. When you’re done click save.

Step 5

To get your alerts working you will need to connect the nodes up in the workspace by connecting the dots together. Then you will need to connect a source in which you’d like to receive your alert notifications. Choose either email or text message. Drag it into the workspace and either enter your email or mobile number. You will need to verify your email or mobile by receiving and then entering a verification code. Once done, click verify.

Step 6

Here you can also set a time window which allows you to decide on when the alert is active, stopping notifications from bothering you out of hours. You will also want to create an alert message. For our example you could say Freezer temperature too high, act now! And click update. And that’s it, your alert is now live!