GlasCoreBytes: Introducing GlasCore

In a time where the need for precision farming is growing, innovative technology continues to advance, leaving behind an abundance of valuable but fragmented data sources. Glas Data have created an agricultural data management dashboard to unify this valuable data, so it can be easily managed and monitored in one place.

Glas Data’s agricultural data management dashboard, GlasCore, saves users time and money while increasing productivity and yield, it is built with farmers, agribusiness owners and land managers in mind.

The dashboard provides an intuitive and easy data management experience. Users can access all the data that is crucial to their business and spot key data insights to mitigate issues before they become serious.

Real-time monitoring

One of the dashboard’s features includes real-time monitoring and data visualisations brought to GlasCore by Glas Data’s Internet of Things (IoT) partner, Ver Facil.

Smart IoT devices and sensors collect and send data to GlasCore through the internet, so they require very little human intervention. And what is even better is that they work over a long range and have long battery life, meaning they remove repetitive tasks, saving time and money.

Easier land management

GlasCore’s Maps allows land mangers to plot and organise their land quickly and easily.

With a layers functionality users can organise land into different categories, such as woodland, pasture, rivers and then turn them on and off depending on which they want to see. And with just a few clicks, they can change the colour, name and add data and comments to their land.

The new Drawing Tool gives users the ability to add fields, buildings, land and location pins to Maps by drawing them out. But if they have shapefiles ready to go they can simply use the tool Shapefile Importer to add their land to Maps.

There is even a tool to add Rural Payments Agency field boundaries. All users have to do is enter their SBI number and then all their land cover, land parcels, and hedges are imported for them.

Transforming agridata management

The capabilities and level of data management that GlasCore provides in one place is new to the sector, and its benefits have already been labelled as transformative by users.

If anyone is interested in trying out GlasCore they should contact them, there are special offers and trials available for new users. Get in touch, email Glas Data at or call them on +44 7485 017650