Glas Data’s co-founder, Colin Phillipson, is travelling across the globe to attend Fieldays in New Zealand. It’s their winter, so it’s probably not the time of year to wear shorts. The event is hosted by, the non-profit, New Zealand National Fieldays Society. Their aim is to improve farming, at a time when on-farm decisions need to be faster to support the economy and growing population. Glas Data provides solutions, their customisable ecosystem puts farmers’ data to work for them and provides detailed insights for faster and more informed decisions.

Platforming Advances in Agriculture

The event encourages conversation on advances with their seminars, meetings, and tours. Glas Data will be attending a seminar on how robotics and automation boosts productivity. The Glas Data ecosystem is a world first, it provides automated data aggregation to farmers. In order for productivity to increase, repetitive tasks need to be omitted.
Technology such as Glas Data’s gives farmers more time to complete on-farm tasks. Providing a platform for talent encourages advancements, it allows agri-tech brands to expand their knowledge and increase their technology’s productivity. Glas Data are maintaining current knowledge on agri-tech, through the seminars, tours and meetings at the event.

Creating International Connections

Every year the show attracts over 130,000 visitors from across the globe, with over 1000 businesses attending, it’s considered the largest agribusiness event in the Southern Hemisphere. The event provides a platform for agricultural innovators, investors, regulators, researchers, and also the public. Connecting members of the community encourages advances in the sector for the better of farmers and the industry.
Glas Data will be meeting other agri-tech businesses, the event is an international platform and is valuable for any agri-tech brand to attend. The Glas Data ecosystem allows farmers to improve their productivity, making their job easier by increasing yields and therefore profits. Improvements to productivity in farming can support the economy. Fieldays make international connections a focus, so they can improve the sector for farmers and the public.

Innovations Increasing Productivity

As the largest agribusiness event in the Southern Hemisphere, Fieldays attracts international visitors and maximises the solutions that agri-tech can generate. In the UK Between 2017 and 2018 the total factor of productivity in agriculture decreased by 2.1%. Removing repetitive tasks from farmers’ work increases productivity, so they’ve more time for on-farm tasks. Glas Data’s automated ecosystem recognises key insights into farmers’ data, so they can make informed decisions faster.

Fieldays’s four pillars, ‘innovation, education, technology and internationalisation,’ demonstrates their focus on encouraging and promoting advances in agriculture. To an agri-tech brand the event gives the opportunity to improve their own technology and potentially collaborate with others. Increasing productivity is a vital concern for the sector, as the need for precision farming grows. Solutions to inefficiencies need to be answered by advances for the better of agriculture across the globe. Glas Data are engaging with the agricultural sector and its advances.