GlasCoreBytes: New Real-time Alerts

GlasCore has been updated with a new real-time alert feature that allows users to monitor their assets more easily.

The new feature provides users with the ability to build their own bespoke alerts. Real-time data that’s collected and imported to GlasCore by IoT technology can be monitored with the alert feature. Any source of data (topic or asset) can be monitored in real-time and alerts notify users as soon as a data value within their alert range is registered in GlasCore.

Users can choose to either receive alerts via email or text message. By alerting users directly, they will spend less time checking the real-time data that arrives in their account, and they will have more opportunity to prevent small issues from advancing any further.

There is also a functionality called Time Window that allows users to specify the time they would like the alert to be active and when to stop sending alert notifications. For example, users can set a window of a single day or night — 9 am to 5 pm, 6 pm to 6am.

The new Real-time Alerts feature in GlasCore will mean that users can take immediate action to mitigate issues before they develop into big costs.


Watch this tutorial to find out how to set-up a real-time alert.

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