GlasCoreBytes: New Drawing Tool in Maps

GlasCore’s Maps allows land managers to plot and organise their land quickly and easily. Now, users have even more capability with the new Drawing Tool. 

The new Drawing Tool gives users the ability to add fields, buildings, land and location pins to Maps by drawing them out. 

When users draw something with the Drawing Tool it’s called a ‘shape’ once it’s saved to My Farm it becomes a shapefile. If they have shapefiles ready to go, they can use the tool Shapefile Importer to add their land to Maps.

Each shape the user draws can either be added as one shapefile to My Farm, as individual shapefiles or to an existing shapefile.

Drawing Tool Features

  • Draw lines
  • Draw filled shapes
  • Drop location pins
  • Edit shape border colour and width

The Drawing Tool is scheduled to be released today, Friday 10 July 2020.