Farmers work hard to feed and support the country. It takes a lot to get food from field to fork, especially with turbulent times on the horizon. The NFU recognises the challenges facing the industry and has set-up an event on social media for Wednesday 11th September.

#BackBritishFarming focuses on the importance of food and farming to the national economy. The event highlights the role that farmers play in providing food for the country.

The agri-tech brand Glas Data allows farmers to manage their farming business on one platform. Removing time-consuming tasks gives farmers more time in their busy schedules. The Glas Data dashboard, GlasCore, helps to increase productivity.

With the impacts of climate change and the predicted global population of nearly 10bn for 2050, farmers are under growing pressure to adopt precision farming techniques. Farmers need support as the industry changes —associations such as the NFU campaign for a stable and sustainable future for British farmers.

Glas Data supports farming businesses by increasing their productivity. The innovative dashboard, GlasCore, gives farmers more time for on-farm tasks by cutting down time spent managing data.

Farmers have more roles than feeding the country. They are rural stewards, caring for the rural environment and maintaining the UK’s iconic countryside is another part of farming life.

The NFU’s #BackBritishFarming focuses on the importance of food and farming to the national economy. GlasCore allows farmers to utilise their agricultural data and optimise their farming business.

The agricultural industry contributes to over £120m to the UK economy and provides jobs for more than 4m people. It is time the industry gets more recognition.

Glas Data understands the tough job farmers have and aims to unify the agricultural industry with a data dashboard that increases yields, productivity, and profits. Farmers need more support to meet the increasing food demand.

On Wednesday 11th September the NFU asks members and supporters to #BackBritishFarming in support of British farmers. Go to twitter and show support; Glas Data will be.