With the estimated global population of almost 10bn by 2050, the increasing demand for food strains agricultural industries across the globe. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit aims to solve this issue;
it is an international networking event for global agribusinesses, solution providers, entrepreneurs and investors.  

The increasing need for improvement to the food supply chain is encouraging innovations within the agricultural industry. Glas Data’s data dashboard, GlasCore, is one of these innovations. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit focuses 100% on innovation. They’re connecting business and innovation for a healthy, sustainable food system.

GlasCore supports farmers’ decisions by providing key insights into their data. The agri-tech start-up is attending the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit to make connections with agribusinesses.

Showcasing and supporting agri-tech start-ups is the route to improvements in food supply chains. Glas Data aims to increase the productivity of farming businesses and as a result, support the food supply chain. Attending the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit opens up global business connections to start-up businesses such as Glas Data and provides more exposure to the agri-tech industry.

The event boasts a valuable networking opportunity with over 500 agribusinesses attending —it has more investors and accelerators in its audience than any other agri-tech event. Creating dialogue between global agribusinesses allows for improvements to agriculture across the globe.

With timetabled coffee and lunch breaks, the event embeds the opportunity for networking into visitors’ schedules. For start-up companies such as Glas Data, this provides the opportunity to meet more potential collaborators.

One of GlasCore’s recent collaborations is with the IoT device company, Ver Facil. IoT technology is seeing a growing adoption within agriculture. Adopting new trends in agri-tech supports agriculture’s productivity and as a result, makes the food supply chain healthier. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit gives critical intelligence on recent trends in agri-tech.

Innovations in agri-tech remove inefficiencies in farming practices, which helps to make food supply chains healthier. Events such as the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit encourage advancements in agriculture by showcasing start-ups and connecting agribusinesses across the globe. Companies such as Glas Data are finding inefficiencies and making solutions; it is the future of farming.