GlasCore Bytes: All new IoT Device connect

What is IoT Device connect?

IoT device Connect is the part of GlasCore which enables you to manage and organise your IoT devices, correctly name them and direct data to the right location within your account.

What is an IoT Device?

An IoT device is a device which is a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). This device is then embedded as a part of sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. This allows you to gain precise information about your business, improving production, yield and cost savings.

The new updates allow you to:

  • You can move data between topics too, so you can move data from a asset into another asset in another topic.
  • Automatically merge data if a similar type exists. So if a device with "temperature" is going into a topic named "Temp" a new device will see this if it also has "temperature" and the data will go into the same topic
  • Give you the option to choose to ignore certain data coming from devices
  • Create and setup devices before they are working

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Technology partnership for leading agricultural university

Technology partnership for leading agricultural university

The next generation of farmers is set to benefit from a partnership between agri-tech business Glas Data and Hartpury University, which will give students access to the latest precision farming technology.

The partnership will also benefit the wider farming community by providing a demonstration site for farmers and food producers to see Glas Data’s cutting-edge technology in action.

An antenna that will receive real-time data over a low power, wide area (LoRaWAN) network has been installed at Hartpury. It will connect to wide range of Internet of Things sensors provided by Glas Data and installed at Hartpury’s commercial farm on campus.

With more than 60 sensors available, the system allows farmers to monitor everything from water quality in animal drinking troughs to soil health and waste water levels.

Under the partnership with Glas Data, final year agriculture students at Hartpury University and Hartpury College will be given access to the GlasCore dashboard for their studies and for a year after graduating.

Hartpury University and Hartpury College in Gloucester are among the UK’s leading specialist education providers in agriculture, animal, equine, sport, and veterinary nursing.

Ben Thompson, manager of the Agri-Tech Centre at Hartpury, said: “This is an exciting partnership for us. Providing real-world application for the latest technological solutions, as well supporting those who will use it in commercial farming practice, is the exact pathway we want to create.

“Our students will also use this technology to support their studies and research. Glas Data’s generous offer to give them access to the GlasCore dashboard for a year after graduating, means they can continue to use this innovative technology as they embark on their farming careers.”

Glas Data has spent three years developing and refining its GlasCore dashboard, which displays all of a farm’s data – including real-time data from sensors – in one easy-to-understand dashboard, which can be viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The system also offers real-time alerts and can be set up to monitor the data that matters to the farmer and send a text message or email to draw their attention to any issue that needs action.

Glas Data co-founder Colin Phillipson added: “Hartpury University is a great partnership for us, as in addition to its fantastic teaching, the Agri-Tech Centre gives farmers and agricultural businesses access to the latest smart farming technology so that they can see first-hand the benefits that technology can bring to a farming business.”

New precision technology set to improve poultry welfare

A new precision farming solution for poultry farmers has been developed through a partnership between agri-tech business Glas Data and poultry software specialist Eggbase.

The smart poultry sensors will allow egg producers, pullet rearers and broiler growers to monitor poultry housing conditions with greater accuracy. The sensors will gather key data about bird welfare and behaviour including temperature, humidity, sound and ammonia levels. Water, electricity and feed usage can also be monitored.

Anne Fleck, Managing Director of Eggbase said: “We are delighted to have teamed up with Glas Data to offer Smart Poultry Sensors. Now is the perfect time for the poultry industry to embrace and exploit the power of our cloud-based data and sensor solutions to the benefit of bird welfare."

Data from the sensors can be viewed on the go on Glas Data’s cloud based GlasCore dashboard.

“The system can also send out real-time alerts by email or text message, allowing bird welfare and behaviour to be monitored more closely and ensuring immediate action is taken if issues are identified,” adds Colin Phillipson, co-founder of Glas Data.

The smart poultry sensors use long range, low power technology and communicate using the Internet of Things. The sensors are low maintenance and batteries can last for several years.

Smart poultry sensors can be rented, with flexible subscriptions allowing farmers to adapt their subscription based on their business needs or to get access to the latest technology. Three packages are available, which all come with access to the GlasCore dashboard and real-time alerts.

For more information about the smart poultry sensors email

New service gives farmers and food producers real-time alerts about their operations

A specialist agri-tech business based in Cornwall, has introduced a new service to give farmers and food producers access to real-time alerts about their operations. 

With the ability to alert when action needs to be taken on everything from water leaks to temperature fluctuations in cold food storage, it has the potential to save significant amounts of time and money.

Glas Data has spent three years developing and refining its GlasCore dashboard, which displays all of a farm’s data in one easy to understand dashboard, which can be primarily viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

The latest development is the introduction of real-time alerts. The system can be set up to monitor the data that matters to the farmer and a text message or email can be sent to draw their attention to any issue that needs action. Alerts can be sent to multiple users.

“The system can be set up individually for each farmer or food producer, to track exactly what they need and alert them to issues of concern. This means they can react quickly and take mitigating action that could save significant costs, before small issues become a serious problem. The system has been designed to work with businesses of any scale. You can adopt this if you have only one thing you care about or if you need 1000's of sensors and alerts sent to 100's of employees,” explains Colin Phillipson, co-founder of Glas Data.

The technology has many applications and can be used wherever data can be collected. For example, sensors could monitor waste water tanks, and send an alert when they need to be emptied. For food producers, the ability to alert if the temperature of fridges or freezers reaches a certain level, could allow a quick response to save produce if a cooling system fails.

The system can also be used in dairy farming, where it could provide alerts on the volume of milk produced. The system can also monitor milk tank temperatures and alert when they are out of tolerance. For arable farmers, alerts on soil health (moisture and/or temperature) can be set up.

Other potential applications include an alert when gates are left open, water troughs need filling up, if voltages for electric fences fall too low, or to alert when a bore hole pump fails.

Colin Phillipson adds: “The system has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Technology can become overwhelming and use up more time than it saves if farmers and food producers need to log in to multiple apps and websites. With GlasCore, all of the data they need is available in one place, with one log-in and our new real-time alerts, means that even more time and money will be saved.”

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